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March 21, 2023 2:11 am  #1

Fauxchee should be hung by his toenails

Scroll down in the article to the first graph, showing that PRESCRIBED MEDICINES caused 1.8 million deaths per year at that time, we clearly have work to do in that area.  You know, the area of researching these drugs a bit more before releasing them into the public market.  It's appalling that the drug companies actually brag about the "safety" of their medicines.  I've witnessed many people who died from what was certainly known to be drug related problems and these were prescribed, properly used drugs.  No wonder we have half the American population dropping dead from the use of ILLEGAL DRUGS.   Why do people (especially young people) take such wild chances with their lives?  Do they actually believe they'll come back to life like the character in some comedy on tv?  If only it worked that way.

But clearly medicines are not properly vetted before they're released to the public.  Doctors will prescribe anything without really knowing a thing about those medicines.  I've seen that personally, through family members deaths and through the fact that I worked in the medical industry for a while myself, until I couldn't stand the lies and misconceptions they preach.

I just don't understand why SOMEONE ISN'T calling out Fauxchee and his lies about HIV and COVID and all the rest of the stuff he's no doubt either lied about or shoved under the rug before anyone else could find out about.  That says there's something wrong with our current system and something wrong with the people involved in it.  No wonder people don't trust doctors anymmore.   WHY ARE THEY STILL ADVERTISING COVID 19 TESTS ON TV, SEND FOR THEM AND YOU'LL GET THEM FREE EVEN!!!!  It's just amazing what stupid people will believe.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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