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March 7, 2023 12:33 am  #1


If these covid 19 shots are so "effective and safe" why do they want everyone to take 3 or 4 shots? Shouldn't one shot do the trick?  Also, if the above statement is so true, why are we losing soooooooo many young people (from the age of about 16 to just under the age of 60 or so) and why are so many people falling ill even after 3 or 5 or 10 shots and as much as a year of so later?  This is just complete lunacy.

We need, at this moment, to lock up fauxchee, all of his WUHAN cohorts (except a couple of chinese whistleblowers), and all politicians who thought this was a perfectly WONDERFUL vaxxine.  My ass.  I wouldn't take it for anything in this world.  Neither should anyone else.  Every stinkin' democrap I know has taken it (political duty doncha know) and many of them have either dropped dead, been in the ER or ICU for weeks or more, and are still feeling ill effects.  This is just nutzy stuff, people.  GET A GRIP.  Building our immunity is the best way to avoid all this crap and no one should go to all the trouble of working hard to build their immunity and then, God forbid, take those damned shots and destroy that bult-up immunity.  It's pure suicide. 

The damned shots are actually still being touted on national tv stations.  It's CRIMINAL.

Tell joe biden and his cohorts to catch the next EL train out of Dodge and go home and stay there, under their beds or wherever they feel "safe".  It was all a political scheme in the first place to keep ol' dumbass joe in his basement, doesn't ANYONE see that's what happened?  We were played, people.  Like a fine fiddle, only now the truth is out and this current dimwit dem "administration" is PISSED OFF.  Well, hey, these stupnagles bought into the whole thing, hook, line and sTinker.  The politicians who should know better I don't feel sorry for one bit, they deserve whatever they get, but innocent people have paid the highest price.

Ask yourself this one question and you'll answer your own questions about Der biden.  WHY WOULD THEY BELIEVE A GUBMINT IDIOT OVER A QUALIFIED DOCTOR (not Fauxchee either!!!) WHO SAID THE SHOTS ARE KILLING PEOPLE AND NOT TO TAKE THEM???  This was political maneuvering if ever I've seen it.  Most of those doctors who said it was a ruse are now either banned from their own offices or in jail or bad-boyed by the rest of their profession.  Let's watch the tables turn now.  Should be interesting.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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