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February 24, 2023 4:02 am  #1

This is why I never used the stuff

Instead, I mix up baking soda and water, but truth be known, I'm pretty healthy for the most part and I rarely have indigestion issues.  Once in a while if I eat something too close to bedtime I'll get heartburn, but rarely.

My DH used it once in a while, but he, too, used soda water more often than not because his cancer medication gave him heartburn something awful.

I'm going to live to a ripe old age (if I can afford to) like my gramma did (96) and die in my sleep like she did, too.  Could there be anything more peaceful?  She was such a good person and such a NICE person (she had a very hard childhood, her father was a tyrant who beat them all the time) but she was the sweetest thing on God's earth and I was heartbroken when she passed.  But the very fact that she did not suffer, I think, was because of her sweet personality and she would never have hurt a living soul.  I beileve God rewards kindness in many ways, long life being just one of them.

What do YOU think?

My Mom had many of gramma's characteristics, too.  Sweet, kind, gentle, artistic, loved to volunteer and still raised 5 lovely children. 

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