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February 8, 2023 12:09 am  #1

Why all of us should be eating fermented foods

I hear that ad on tv CONSTANTLY for those "fruit and veggie capsules"?  Well, did you know you can get FERMENTED fruit and veggies from Dr. Mercola's site and they're a lot better for you and actually do your body much more good?  Yep, that's the concensus.  Fermented stuff is always good for the gut.  I LOVE sauerkraut and now I know why.  It's also why letting babies in a high chair suck on a pickle is good for them but you hafta watch them closely so they don't get too big a chunk off.  I took my Claussen pickles and made very thin slices for the kids I watched in daycare for years and the mom's could not believe the difference in their poops and no stomach upsets and throwing up everything they ate all the time.  I also recommended the Culturelle for babies to be added to their bottles, whether formula or breastmilk.  Not all breastmilk agrees with babies but adding some fermentation  helps a lot. 

VERY GOOD FOR THE GUTS!  And you know how painful it can be to watch a baby who has to struggle to poop, right?  Owww!  Adding Culturelle or acidophilus helps immensely.

Here's some basic info on fermentation:

Here are the ones I purchased (Dr. Mercola brand). They're also organic.

Here's the fruits:

Here's the veggies:

I think I purchased mine through Vitacost at a bit cheaper price and much faster delivery (at the time). 

I put my "powders" into empty capsules myself and take them that way because honestly they taste AWFUL if you mix them into juice or water or whatever.  I couldn't find a good "carrier" so I just make mine into capsules.  I used the 00 capsules and take 2 per day of each.  The fact that they are fermented is good and organic is always good!

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