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January 7, 2023 5:34 am  #1

I've never heard about THIS guy until I read this today

I didn't know there was another GUY in the house at the time of the murders.  What I have read or heard up until now is that there was another GIRL who peeked out her door (I don't remember all the other details mentioned) but never did I hear this other guy's name mentioned at all.  Dylan Mortenson. Musta been a boyfriend of one of the other house residents or something. 

Guess the Moscow police kept a lot of stuff under the "radar" which is good, that's exactly how it should have been handled and was probably beneficial to them rather than blabbing everything, because tv news broadcasters have a way of distorting everything and the police most likely knew that.

Smart moves on the part of the Idaho police, I'd say.

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