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November 29, 2022 8:57 pm  #1

What is uncured bacon? Do you know??

A lesson for all.  I usually eat regular bacon because I have very low sodium levels, believe it or not, it's a rare thing.  I'm pretty sure that is a result of one of the medicines I take daily (only 3) so it should be easy enough for my doctor to narrow down and maybe replace that medicine with something else, but she never seems interested in doing that.  Hmmmm, instead she just tells me to increase my sodium levels.  Ok, then.

Here's some information concerning uncured bacon that I found quite interesting.  Maybe you will, too!

IMPO, bacon is no worse for you than many other "processed" foods.  Everything on a grocery store shelf has too much sugar and too much salt, as a rule.  That's one reason we have a complete bombardment of diabetes type II these days.  Lunch meats, pickles, I  mean is there anything without salt?  It is a preservative used since the beginning of time, but this is not so much true with sugar, although sugar can be more invasive to the body.

A little bacon a couple times a week is not going to kill you, nor is that nice big slab of ham leftover from Thanksgiving or Christmas!!  My family usually does ham for one holiday and turkey for another.  This year we're changing it up a bit and I'm making a ton of mashed potatoes with cooked carrots added to the potatoes, and a grape jelly slathered pork loin roast.  YUM! 

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