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September 15, 2022 3:35 am  #1

Some interesting facts about Queen E, Camilla, Charles, etc. (Royals)

There's a lot here to see, but there are some very interesting facts, too.

Did you know Queen E had a person who wore her new shoes before she did, in order to "break them in" for the Queen?  Well, she did.

Also, did you know she had at least 4 alcoholic drinks every day?  No wonder she lived to be in her 90's!  These were not cordials, etiher, they were really alcohol drinks.

She also had a guy who played the bagpipes outside her bedroom window every morning at 9:00 a.m.  How annoying, no wonder she woke up.  I think bagpipes are the most annoying thing ever. 

There's just a ton of interesting things to learn at that link above.  AFAIC, the speculation about what will happen with Harry and Meghan is just that - speculation.  No one really cares anyway. Holy cow, Camilla has far more wrinkles than QE did, she's a horrible looking woman.  What on earth did Charles ever see in HER that he didn't seem to see in Diana?  It's too bad more wasn't said about Diana in this article.  She stayed around that bunch of lunatics long enough to have 2 kids and yet they say nothing much about her?  Odd, very odd indeed.

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