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July 13, 2022 3:19 am  #1

2 ingredient homemade ice cream

Make sure there's room in your freezer compartment for a pan big enough for this and be careful when closing the door of the freezer not to slosh this around if you can help it!
Some of these sound good, some sound just awul (to me).

Go for it!

I bought a box of organic vanilla flavored almond milk *this is really in a box and they also had coconut milk that was vanilla flavored, and used that.  I just dumped it into the bread (loaf) pan, added some more vanilla and a little tiny bit of almond flavoring, which I love but it doesn't take very much so be careful with it, added some strawberries I aleady had cored  and chopped up finely and a couple of mushed up bananas *I didn't use the blender to do this I just mashed them with a fork because I wanted there to be some chunks.  Mixed that in with the box of almond milk (I also make my own almond milk to drink sometimes because the boxed stuff is only IMO good for making this ice cream.  It doesn't taste so great otherwise)!  The recipe for making my homemade almond milk is already posted at this site.  Do a search if you're interested in making your own - it's easy, fun and tasty !  YUM!!

After you get everything mixed in that you want to go in the ice cream, place it in the space in the freezer you had set aside for this purpose, set your kitchen timer for about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes, carefully open the freezer and stir the ingredients just a bit.  Do this about 5 times, let sit for 45 minutes at a time, although you'll have to use a rubber spatula to scrape the sides and edges as it freezes.  Soon you'll have ice cream without all the addtional "additives" that NO ONE needs.  Like carrageenan - yukola.  Nothing living needs carrageenan in their diet for any reason I can think of, not if you want to stay healthy, that is!!!  You can read all about carrageenan at  and you'll be shocked.  Did you know they use that junk in vaxxzines???  Ewwww.  And now they're additing it to food for the past 35 to 40 years?

My favorite homemade versions have strawberries, bananas and chocolate chips.  My brother likes peanut butter banana.  My oldest grandson likes chocolate chip strawberry.

****  You can also use jelly for some of the flavorings, too. 

**  I make my own vanilla extract by buying vanilla beans at our local organic store and putting them into a pint jar (bend them in half if necessary) and fill to the top with vodka or any type of rum.  Let stand in a dark shelf or cupboard for about 3-6 months and then it's ready to use.  Just keep adding more rum as necessary and you can add new vanilla beans anytime you want.  Sometimes I order the vanilla beans from Mt. Rose Herbs, too.

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