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June 24, 2022 1:06 am  #1

Why do democraps think they are above the law & everything else?

Because they can only blame DJT for so long without a supporting "crutch".  They are using the law as a crutch and now many republicans (sadly and wrongly) are joining this ridiculous chant . . . but they tend to forget recent history in order to pursue their real intentions.

"The media and other Democrats are pretending Trump and other Republicans are the first persons to challenge electors and are guilty of sedition and wanting to destroy democracy.

Their mental capacity and detachment from reality are obvious because they challenged electors in 2000, 2004, and 2016, when they lost the election."

This is great reading!  Adam Schiff is a mental midget and he shows it every day since he brokered a meeting in the White House basement.  Believe me, he wouldn't be doing any of this if there wasn't money in it for him.  Typical politician.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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