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June 4, 2022 9:07 pm  #1

10 things you need

10 things many people forget to pack when getting prepping stuff ready to go.

I have it all under control except the GPS because I don't have that type of phone and I don't intend to get one.  Never.  Maybe after you read the article and see how they work you'll understand WHY I don't want one.  THEY TRACK YOU not just your position, but one is as bad as the other anyway.  I don't want anyone tracking me for any reason.

Also, many people have no clue how to use a walkie-talkie.  LEARN.  LEARN FROM SOMEONE WHO KNOWS.  Most towns have local clubs of people who are using them all the time and they are always very helpful - they're also helpful with gun training, believe it or not, and you'll need one of those, too.  Likely a buckshot gun would be very helpful, even if you're not licensed for anything else.

Also, this list didn't say it but I'll add my own 2¢ worth - - be sure to take smaller denominations of gold & silver with you at all times, pack it away as if it were any other survival item so no one "notices" it, you know what I mean, so it doesn't stand out as being something "special". 

The kleenex was a great idea, I pack kleenex and those wipey things in my vehicles and everywhere.  I also take several of those Clorox wipe things (pop-up, tear-off wipes in a plastic "tube-like container".  Baby wipes are great but not "sanitizing".  They also can get sticky, and they dry out quickly so you'll have to add water to them often.  But they come in very handy with kids around, and not just for butts!

One other item I don't think they mentioned was laundry soap.  It's great for washing hands and stuff, as well as clothing, if you are "camped" near a creek or any source of water.  Most of those soaps and even dish soaps like Dawn are very concentrated and only take a very small drop to wash hands, etc.  Very useful. 

When bugging out, the most important thing you will need is water so find a local source *we have a local river and several in-town streams* and those will become busy places, so try to get there first. 

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