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April 19, 2022 2:58 am  #1

America needs to keep her cowboys

They are a testament to the past, a testament to courage, a testament to bravery, a testament to doing what's right.

I'm not talking about bandits, I'm talking about real cowboys.  I'm sorry to say, the photo included at the very top of this article has nothing to do with being a "cowboy".  That is a photo of some military men of the early days.  Nevertheless, they, too, played a part in the cowboy traditions.

This article is good reading, I was glad to see it - - and to see someone take an interest (like mine!) and actually produce a readable paper on it.

Today, much like back then, if given the chance the Indians of the land were very open to discussions and helping the white man.  If they were rewarded with something, even better.  The tribes often needed food, especially for the youngsters - cowboys taught the Indian nations how to keep a milk cow or 2 and how to milk them and how to use the milk for babies, etc.  There is MUCH interesting history out there if you just look for it, and I'd love to see some of that history repeated and thrown into the faces of greedy gubmint officials of today.

Charles Russell wrote books as well as had lots of paintings and drawings.  He was a fascinating person, really.  He was 18 years old the same year my paternal grandfather was born.

There's a LOT of ground to cover when we're talking about cowboys and facts of the wild west.

KEEP AMERICA'S COWBOYS FOREVER.  In reality, they will be forever relevant to America, past and present.


A government which robs Peter to
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the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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