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April 11, 2022 6:33 am  #1

Tippecanoe and Tecumseh too

An interesting "warrior", for sure.  His whole life was basically spent around warring and fighting.  He desperately wanted to keep the land the white man wanted so badly.  We might have been much better off right now if we'd let them run things because us white guys didn't do such a great job, and it's now getting worse by the day.

He and Sitting Bull and Chief Crazy Horse and many, many others fought to keep the white man from taking over.  Now all you have to do is come to some of the Northern Plains States to see how life turned out for the ancestors of those brave warriors.  The people are confined to Indian Reservations, starving, short on money so they sell booze and dope, whatever they don't sell they drink, and get high on the dope.  It's a sad testimony to the fact that if only the white man had left them alone, they would have been much better off.  They knew how to live in and on this land, and they mistakenly showed the white man how to do it, too.

Then the white people more or less stole the land from them.  In a nutshell, that's how it really was.  Don't believe the history they teach in schools nowadays, it's all lies.  Almost everything they teach today is lies.


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