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April 4, 2022 4:00 am  #1

Frontier docudrama

Pretty decent stuff here, considering none of us really KNOWS what happened back then because we weren't there.  We can surmise what happened, but there is really no proof whether any of this is real or mostly imagination.  Coming from decaprio I would guess imagination was BIG here.

Still, if you like historical stuff (as opposed to all the other SHIT that's on TV right now) you'll like it whether you actually believe it's veracity or not.  Apparently the original was put out in 2018 (how could I have missed it??) it is weirdly intertwined and often confused (when doing an online search) with that ridiculous nonsense put out by the Obozo administration (again with the help of decaprio, of course) about the industrial part of how our country evolved.  THAT was a bunch of lies if ever there were any, and it was about 20 episodes long.  But watch it if you're a fan of obozo's crowded imagination.  Very little truth in any of what I saw in all the episodes of that installation - - and YES, I watched them all just to see how much of what they were throwing at you stuck to the walls.  That would, of course, be up to you but I know what I thought of it.

There are 4 parts.  Scroll down for a listing.

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