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March 17, 2022 4:07 am  #1

Again I say, "well duh"

You know, for all we know maybe Russia didn't want to invade Ukraine in the way that it came about. 

And maybe Russia doesn't WANT to be a continuing member of the WTO . . . for all rights and purposes, neither should the USA but there we are.   Ditto for NATO.

ALL the big criminal countries belong to the WTO and NATO.  Biden may not ever have understood the reasons why, but Trump sure did.  Obviously Russia also understands because they do not belong, at least not to NATO:  In fact, the USA dived in head first:  ALL IN, I might add. 

As far as big organizations with 3 & 4 letter designations and no meaning go, (and there are MANY of them, trust me) Trump also tried to tell the USA to get the hell out of NATO because it would end up doing us no good.  He was right.

I think people need to reassess these "ideas" on their own merit.  STOP listening to the talking heads just for 3 minutes and you may actually have time for your brain to unwind and figure out what's really going on here. 

I doubt it, but it's something every living human being should do.  Get off those damned phones for 10 seconds and try using your own damned brain for a minute.  The whole thing is just disgusting.  You let these big tech companies virtually make your decisions for you without ever using your own REAL brain. 

America is the disgrace it deserves to be now.  Don't ever ever ever forget who put us in this position either.  That would be ol' joe crackbrain.

"Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has been a godsend for Team Biden and its flying monkeys in the mainstream media. The noise of the news from Ukraine has become the perfect screen for Biden to hide his myriad failures behind."

That quote taken from the article at this link:

Of course it's been a Godsend - - that was the whole point of the position taken by the biden administration to hide many of the warts they are trying NOT to have to face at this time.  Especially since what happened in Afghanistan was NO ACCIDENT.  That was a deliberate debacle on the part of the hack Biden Administration.  They NEEDED that to happen, they wanted it to happen.  How do you think $81 million dollars worth of military equipment was "left behind"?  That was no accident.  You know it wasn't.

But yes, biden is pathetic and he is, and has been a PLANNED disaster.  If you think (after the months that have gone by), the destruction of the USA and other countries are not enough reason to think he was PLACED in office for a reason, then God help you with what's yet to come.  He's just lame enough for his "handlers" to use him.  I wonder if he is astute enough to realize he's being used?  Hey, I doubt it.


A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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