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February 21, 2018 8:18 am  #1

It's maddening

I hate it when these tv shows schedule people "in the know" for a spot on some show to talk about a subject they are very familiar with and then the show gives them 2 1/2 seconds to talk.  If I were one of those people, I would say no to their invitation every time.  It's a complete waste of their time to go on these shows and never get to speak anyhow.  The show's commentator asks a long question, taking up most of the time alloted, the guest says 3 words, and the commentator says oops we gotta take a break here - and they rush to a drug commercial.

Just another reason I rarely watch tv news anymore at all.  I was channel surfing this morning and came across some show interviewing Judge Napolitano.  Now, if you've been reading my stuff for very long you'll know I'm a fan of the Judge, so I decided to stay on that channel to see what the Judge had to say about whatever subject they were discussing.  I still have no idea because about 10 seconds after I decided to watch, the host of the show went to a commercial for some fear-mongering Rx drug and that was the end of the interview with the Judge. 

No wonder the tv ratings for ALL news channels are tanking.  It's not exactly a mystery. 

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