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December 4, 2021 4:34 am  #1

COMMALA makes the case for the GOP

There's an even dumber side to her words, if that's possible, because she has ASSISTED in the monstrous influx of people from South of the Border who were promised such a great life over here that they don't even have to worry about getting the (fake) COVID JABS, but now it's going to cost these people twice as much to live here - providing they were actually paying their own way. 

In reality, the US taxpayers are paying for THOSE people, as well as the people who are already in America as AMERICAN CITIZENS. 

Problem is, no one is working right now (to speak of), so no money is available for the gubmint to take from the paychecks of the America worker.  So few people are working and drawing wages it's going to be impossible to sustain the economy and spend like drunken sailors for much longer.

So then, where is this money going to come from when it's all gone?  I keep asking the same questions about Medicare and Social Security?  There will BE no money, which is why biden's dumbass "administration" wants this enormous bill to pass in the senate.  Too many republicans seem interested in doing that, so I have a feeling the Americans who ARE working are just so screwed now and in the future.  It's despicable.  Every stinkin' politician should be tossed out on their ass and let THE PEOPLE MAKE THE RULES & DECISIONS FROM NOW ON, and we need to go back to following the CONSTITUTION the way it was written.  Problem solved.

Then hire more police, round up the people who are here illegally, send them back to their homeland, shut the border with Trump's wall and a bunch of barbed wire (triple threaded) and then eliminate all of what biden has done so far and re-introduce some of the Trump politices that were actually working.  It would be a helluva good start anyway.

Too many people don't have the brains God gave a gopher, so I wouldn't expect anything good to EVER come from waiting for a public vote to remove the entire biden cabal and start clean ASAP. 

Ah well, one can always wish.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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