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November 14, 2021 10:45 pm  #1

Convoluting the Rittenhouse trial isn't going to work

The democraps are convoluting the issue in the Rittenhouse case.  And don't EVEN try to tell me the prosecution isn't a band of democraps, because they are, it's clear to see.

The fact that Rittenhouse was there and that he shot someone is not why he's on trial.  He's on trial because THEY (the dems) think he didn't have the right to defend himself.  Who on God's green earth wouldn't protect themselves when they have a gun pointed into their face???  I suppose a democrap would have just laid there and done nothing and let the attacker shoot them, right?  Yeah, that idea flies.

This is NOT a political trial though, folks.  Rittenhouse was protecting himself, period. 

If Rittenhouse had been pointing his gun at the head of the guys he shot BEFORE they attacked him, then they might have a case, but that is NOT what happened.  It's on video for God's sake, all you have to do is find someone who hasn't messed with the video to change what ACTUALLY happened.

This is why we should only depend on eye witnesses, never on electronic gadgets. 


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