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November 11, 2021 6:38 am  #1

Make your pie crusts with lard

Yes!  REAL LARD, which is actually hard to come by, unless you have a health food store where you can buy it.  I actually bought mine from a lady who makes it herself because they raise pigs, imagine that !

I cannot make a delicious pumpkin pie without real lard for the crust, and Festal Pumpkin Pie Filling. 

Festal is kinda hard to come by in some areas but it is still available in some towns in my area.  It's the best stuff ever.  I tried the Libby's crap one time and it was just plain gross.  We threw the pie in the trash, that's how bad it was. 

And the lard from a grocery store (the kind that comes in a box, I think it's called Snow Cap or something like that) is without a doubt the worst idea anyone ever had.  Can you say YUCK?!!

At any rate, you gotta read this information about using real lard.  It's a health food, believe it or not.


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