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November 4, 2021 9:03 pm  #1

The plan to eliminate gut health

I can see billyboy gates and dingbat fauxchee all over this "plan", which is what happens to your body after multiple vaxxzines and exposure to cell phones (especially those finger-sliding jobbies).  You can see their fingerprints everywhere you look.

I just order some powdered fruits and veggies (to mix with yogurt) because it's hard to get the amount of "stuff" we need every day.  Not only do I not have that much appetite anymore, I don't have access to most of the things included in the powders.  **Hint:  I did NOT order the crap they've been advertising on tv non-stop for the past 4 months either.  Mine is from a reliable, organic source.  Expensive, but it'll last me all through the winter.  I am going to supplement it with elderberry teas and syrups, as well.  I have absolutely no intention of getting any vaxxzines from our gubmint goons, so I'll follow what I'm already doing and also add the winter regimine for about 4-6 months.  Hopefully, that will help me through the long darker months when sunshine is not exactly plentiful.

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