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November 4, 2021 2:18 am  #1

Interesting Quercetin

This is great reading, and whether it helps me or not it sure as hell isn't going to hurt me (like an untested, unstudied, untrialed vax) I take it every day along with zinc citrate.  You can do whatever you want.  So can I.

I have refused the vaxx's, my doctor has advised me NOT to take the vax (health reasons) so I take quercetin, zinc, D3, K2 and I also take *for my heart* chondroitin sulfate.  In the wintertime (it gets very cold where I live) I drink elderberry tea or take some elderberry syrup almost daily just to help support my malfunctioning immune system (it's been on tilt since 2003 so not new) and I've not been sick WITH ANYTHING (except a slight stroke in 2019).  The stroke had nothing to do with anything that I'm taking because my doctor fully approves of all of it, and when I was in the hospital for 2 days with the stroke (it was VERY mild) the doctors there kept making notes and asking me about my D3 and K2 intake.  I finally got pissed about being asked over and over, and asked them to please write it down if THEIR memories were worse than mine after a stroke!!!!!!!!  Finally, a nurse wrote it down, whaddayaknow.

If you're interested in staying as healthy in "the age of faux covid" as I've been for YEARS, look up those vits I take and order them.  Be careful in your selection of D3, however - - make sure it's derived from Lanolin as cholecalciferol (this time of year I take two per day equalling 10,000 IU's), and also make sure you get one with a decent carrier oil.  Mine is made by Healthy Origins, uses cold-pressed olive oil as the delivery agent.

The rest of what's named you can make your own choices because they are all in powdered form, thus more stable to store.  I keep my D3 in the refrigerator, in the produce drawer because it doesn't get "cold" it just stays chilled.  That's the way you want it to stay preserved.

Lesson over!

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