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November 2, 2021 8:26 pm  #1


Why are US laws so screwy?  As it stands, we have a president who is not mentally "there" (he's an embarrassment and is bad for our foreign relations); we have a president and his cabinet who we KNOW are trying to destroy America by over-running the country with illegals who are not exactly the cream of the crop; and we know he's trying to sell us out to China, to boot, but there's not a thing we can do to get rid of him? ????

This same party of idiots tried for 4 long years to get rid of President Trump, who was handling things just fine by not getting us into useless conflicts, we had workable rules for letting immigrants into this country LEGALLY, etc., so impeaching him was their main form of distraction and their first and foremost focus AND form of entertainment, but it didn't work because everyone knew the dems were lying about Trump. 

Now we have a visibly toddering, mentally challenged guy who was placed into office (illegally I think) as a figurehead, who is unable to do anything on his own.  He and Nannzi Piglosi both like ice cream though, so I guess that qualifies him to be our leader.  Worst of all, WE have to follow what he says for 4 long years (if he makes it that long) whether it's good or bad for our country and for the PEOPLE of our country, but HE DOESN'T have to follow any  laws?  We're supposed to ride bikes to save the planet from gas emissions, but he takes numerous jets and helicopters and God only knows how many cars to the GREENIE summit?? !!!  It's just mindless.  He signs a bunch of things and doesn't even know what he's signing - - somehow, that is NOT very comforting to WE THE PEOPLE.

Sometimes I wonder if God doesn't get a little tired of forgiving things like this?  And forgiving people who support stuff like what's going on?  And forgiving people who don't support it but also don't do anything about it, or even TRY to??  God is too forgiving of mankind.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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