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October 29, 2021 11:53 pm  #1

If you didn't already know this

I can't STAND to watch video's online, so I have not yet seen this one, but I certainly am not going to watch something that's 1+ hours long.  I just don't have the time, nor do I want to sit through an hour long thing.  I'd much rather read my information.  You can do that even though this link contains a vid, you can just read the info below it. 

Scary but true, and I must say, if you didn't already know this information, you've been hiding under a rock for many years.  This has been public knowledge and out in the open for a long time, it's just that people ignore it.  Now the time has come NOT to ignore it anymore.

After you read this, ask yourself if you REALLY believe that Joe Biden was elected as our President?  No, Joe Biden was INSTALLED as our President.  The people who did that thought he would be well received because he's been around, in politics, for a long time.  With most people (like me) however, that was a negative, not a positive.  It's now becoming a negative for the rest of the USA, as well.  It's just too bad more people weren't awake enough to see what was coming.  We can get out of this mess even before 2024, but republicans and conservatives MUST band together or it won't be able to happen.  We must join forces and not let this democrap administration ruin America.  Just look at what's happening with the illegal aliens.  They're bringing in corona virus at a time when it should be winding down, and they're going to get the money that was meant for Americans who've lived and worked in the USA all their lives.

We are, essentially, being raped by the Biden Administration.  If you can think of a better more accurate term, let's hear it.  It also seems we're being sodomized because the biden administration is so horrifically anal.

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A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
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-- George Bernard Shaw

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