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September 29, 2021 4:05 am  #1

Now the NE is set to require shots by FRI

The guy who is the demo mayor of NYC (can't think of his name because I usually turn off the tv or change channels when that awful face hits the screen) is on tv telling everyone if they don't get the shot they'll be fired on Friday.  This is happening all over the East Coast right now but I have no doubt the "word" will spread, it always does. 

GOOD!  Below is my personal opinion . . . . . . .

Let him fire everyone who doesn't want the shot; they have good, sound reasons for not wanting the shot.  Not everyone remaining on planet earth is an imbecile.

If more people would have refused the damned thing from the get-go we wouldn't be at this juncture right now.  It's very sad how many people fell for the idea of taking not one, but 5 or 6 or endless shots, because of a NON-EXISTENT health problem.  This is an evening gown version of the flu, people. Dems are jacking up the numbers for THEIR BENEFIT, not yours. 

If you haven't already taken the damned shot, don't.  Believe me, in one month they will be crawling to you to take your job back.  Haitian people will be all that's left to fill the jobs, and most of them can't even speak English.  Can you imagine (as a doctor) having a nurse in a surgery unit with you who is Haitian and can't understand what the doctor wants, much less converse/respond to him??!!!! 

In my mind, the entire country should just DO THAT.  People will be BEGGED to take their jobs back, believe me.  I've actually lived through something very similar in my lifetime at one of my old jobs.

SAY NO TO THE SHOTS.  THEY KILL AND MAIM, they do NOT save lives.  The real numbers of dead, dying or sickened people (from the shots) have been skewed so the American public doesn't know the real truth.  It will all come out, eventually, but don't make the mistake of depending on the gubmint to do WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU.  Have they EVER done that in the past????




A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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