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September 22, 2021 10:28 pm  #1

This is scary

I've been warning about those shots from the very beginning.  What better way to sicken people than to make those people think you're "saving them"?????

Stuff like this theory is what makes fauxchee a good liar, even if he did flip-flop around.  He did that on purpose, as a kind of game to play with people's heads.  This way, people are so confused they don't know right from wrong so they just do what they're told and take the stupid shots like good little warriors.   Good God in heaven.

Why don't people question things?  Is it just me or should people always question things before they do them whether it's smoking pot or taking a useless dangerous killer vaxxzine?  We all should have known this administration was not to be trusted.  Hell, they had to cheat their way into office and they'll keep cheating and lying until they achieve WHATEVER it is they think they're trying to do.  I don't really think they know the end result of their actions. 

Well, they're about to find out.

This is how people should be able to know that those "shots" our dubious leaders took on "tv in front of everyone" were about as fake as vials of water, which is probably what they contained.

I didn't think American's were this stupid or gullible but I've been proven wrong.  This is why I detest guys like Sean Hannity when he goes on tv night after night praising the vaxxines and telling people to get the vaxxzines.  Just because you don't die immediately doesn't mean those vaccines are "safe".  NO VAXXINE IS SAFE, they never have been, but people just aren't getting it through their thick skulls.  It makes me angy to know people are so lazy and stupid.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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