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September 19, 2021 2:02 am  #1

The vaccine wasn't supposed to work

. . . and it hasn't.  At least not for the general population, but it HAS achieved what its creators intended and that is a criminal offense, people.  Is anyone being arrested or charged with anything?

Ha....tell me another one.

Murder is a criminal offense, isn't it?  Because that's what's happening, even if it doesn't happen instantly after someone is given the shot.  It could be a couple of years before things really go south for people.  After all, cancers take time to grow  . . .

The REAL truth is that people like me can talk about and try to tell the truth about these (and ALL) vaccines from now until the cows come home but no one will believe us.  THIS GENERATION in particular.  They've been schooled for the past 30 years to believe in all shots.

The world, however, has been schooled in "trusting in doctors and medicines and vaxxzines" for the past 120 years, and sadly they do believe.  I'm truly done trying to convince my friends and any local businesses on what's being done wrong at this moment in time.  People are going to do whatever they believe is right, no matter what kind of EVIDENCE or PROOF you show them, it's just human nature NOT to be a skeptic like me, I guess.

When I was growing up, luckily my parents taught me to question everything, and I do.  Apparently I'm the only one in the entire world who does that.  People today seem to have more empathy for the animals being used for medical testing than they do for our actual, living, breathing people.  I watched a newscast the other day showing just exactly that.  If we "arfed" instead of speaking, we'd get lots more "sympathy and empathy".

****  There were a couple of things from this article that I really wanted to copy and paste here, but since my son got me this new computer, I simply cannot copy and paste.  I've tried EVERYTHING and it simply will not work.  I can only copy links, but none of the info contained in the articles at those links.  Pisses me off.  Also, the very first day I had this computer, it switched from windows 10 to windows 11 IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT WITHOUT MY CONSENT.  Now I can't figure out how to uninstall windows 11 and reinstall windows 10.  That used to be a fairly straightforward thing.  Not anymore.

If anyone has suggestions of what I might try next to acquire or activate the copy and paste function, I'd appreciate someone letting me know.  Sign in as a member, I will receive an email to ALLOW you to be on this board, and maybe I'll be able to fix this thing.  If you post something stupid or not true, however, I'll delete your allowance to this forum.

A government which robs Peter to
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