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August 11, 2021 7:21 pm  #1

FOOD IDEAS: helpful hints

Some of these are great.  We've been slicing and freezing lemon and lime slices for years so to me this isn't exactly a "new" idea.  Also, I had read about the onion cleaning the BBQ grill thing so I told a friend about it although I hadn't personally tried it.  They said "throw away that tip, it doesn't work.  The onion just stuck to the grill and made things worse".  Well, live and learn!

Check them out anyway, you might find one you like!

** My family has also been using the marshmallow in the tip of an ice cream cone for a long time.  We put a few in the bottom of a regular cone, too.  Actually, I like the end of my cone to get soggy (go figure) but I don't want the cone to fall apart.  It can be a problem so you just have to learn to carry a napkin under the cone.


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