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January 12, 2018 9:21 pm  #1

This will really break our system

Got this email this morning and wanted to share because it's important.  I do not donate to these things, however, because sending money to them, when they have much more than we do to begin with, is ludicrous.  If the GOP decides to morph into the democrat party, let them.  WE don't have a thing to say about it that would influence them anyway.  But he's absolutely right.  The GOP has sold out wholesale.  I could see this coming from a mile off, months ago.

I'm copying a portion of the letter here and you can read the rest by clicking the link below.


Republicans in Congress have foolishly decided to pursue a number of liberal policies this year.

They want to bring back earmarks, pass some form of amnesty, raise (and possibly eliminate) the debt limit, bail out the health insurance companies, and spend billions on "stimulus" projects.

Also, GOP leaders do not plan to pass a budget resolution this year, which means they can't use "reconciliation" to pass a conservative bill in the Senate with 51 Republican votes. There will be no Obamacare repeal and no entitlement reform.

Everything Republicans do this year will be approved by the Democrats, which means more spending, bailouts, and debt.

I'm not going to sugarcoat it – this is very bad news.

The decision by GOP leaders to take a big left turn will likely cost Republicans the House and possibly the Senate. Democrats will be energized by their desire to impeach President Trump while Republican voters are depressed by a party that breaks its promises.

I know this is discouraging, but we need to understand what is really happening so we can take the right actions.

There are two things SCF will do to respond:
[*]Pressure Republicans to enact the right policies. If we don't make our voices heard and hold their feet to the fire, there's no telling how much damage the swamp will do.

[*]S[b]upport conservative candidates. Republicans are going to suffer losses in November, but we can minimize those losses and protect the best conservative candidates.[/b]
Conservatives must remain engaged and work strategically to minimize our losses this year both in terms of the policies that are enacted and the candidates that are elected.


I truly don't understand what's happening in politics these days.  No one stands for anything.  No one, certainly, wants to stand for the right of the citizens - and that means we're in deep trouble.


A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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