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May 22, 2021 10:27 pm  #1

Old-fashioned scalloped potatoes

THIS is the recipe I have been looking for - - for absolutely ages!  I stumbled upon it this morning by complete accident and I am sooooo glad I did.  This is how my Mom and both of my gramma's made their scalloped potatoes.

I cannot STAND it when they list recipes online for "scalloped potatoes" and every single damned recipe has CHEESE in it - YUKOLA. 

REAL scalloped potatoes had few ingredients (they were a depression era recipe and cheese was hardly on most people's menus or in their budgets either),.unless you lived in a foreign country where the cheeses were produced or something maybe.

At any rate, THIS is how we made the absolute best and easiest scalloped potatoes in the world.  Goes so great with sliced ham or crispy bacon or meatloaf or, or, or . . . you pick!  Even fried or oven baked chicken was good with this, although not my favorite.

Give these a try, you'll adore them.  Be sure to add LOTS AND LOTS of onion (I also add some celery to mine, too).

****  This is a great site for some delicious old fashioned recipes for other stuff, too.  Give it a look-see.

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