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April 10, 2021 9:15 pm  #1

Cutting heavy metals in baby food


Answer me that, one of you big corporate goons.

They HAVE no explanation other than some made-up, pre-arranged words they call a "statement".  It's nothing more than lying to the public - FOR YEARS.

And WHY on earth would it take several YEARS??? 

Americans are supposed to believe that medical "science" has come up with a safe "vaxxzine" (there IS no such animal as a safe vaccine) but they can't do anything about heavy metals in baby food FOR YEARS???????????????

Oh yeah, I have confidence in all American organizational health and wellness interests now, don't you?

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

April 10, 2021 9:54 pm  #2

Re: Cutting heavy metals in baby food

Speaking of health and wellness - - this is why I breastfed all my own babies (who are now in their 30's and 40's!) because back then I think pre-made formulas and foods were even worse than they are now, and we had no organic options because no one even knew what "organic foods" were back then.  Most of us grew our own food (I had a huge garden), made our own bread and most all foods were made from scratch at home.  I know that's how I did it because that's how we saw our mothers do it.

In my family we always gardened the way the Indians (now inexplicably referred to as Native Americans) did - - in large round circular designed areas.  My Mom always called hers a "sun garden".  I did a lot of gardening where the produce crawled up a pole or up the stalk of the corn (like the 3 sisters versions, etc). It's a real space-saver and there are several ways to do this, but we learned from the locals in my area and knew that THEY knew what they were doing because they had survived that way for numerous generations before us "white people" ever came to their areas. And yet we "white people" think WE helped THEM???!!!!  It's foolish to believe that nonsense, but that's what history has taught the past 2 generations of brats we now call children.  But that's a WHOLE 'nother subject.

When my paternal grandparents were married, my grampa moved their home up to it's current location from a small Indian (Native?) town about 11 or 12 miles south of their ranch, because the gubmint was going to flood that area with what is now known at the Missouri River Continuance which runs up into North Dakota, too, via the Grand River, which is a confluence of the Missouri and the newly formed Grand River.

We had our own meat market and often we had our own animals butchered there, and we had huge freezers and root cellars at home to store it all.  We depended on no one but ourselves and this continued in my family even after I was married and well into my 20's.  So, when looking back at history, it hasn't been that long since people were self sufficient and not dependent on "THE GUBMINT" for every damned thing.  Now it's almost impossible to find uncontaminated seeds to start your own garden.  You simply must become a seed saver from all past crops, prior to 20 years ago which is what I have done, or you will get chemically treated with God knows what seeds.  Ewwwwwwww.


Ah-haaaaa!  Here's just one example of what is happening with the seeds of America and this is NOT just "farming seeds" this is ALL SEEDS.  At least SOME people are trying to do something about the infringement of the right of people to have decent food, but I don't think you'll find America anywhere in that group.  We're too stupid to do anything logical and those of us who know about these things are too old to do anything about it now.  Sadly.  Just see this:

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw
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