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January 5, 2018 1:44 am  #1

Just say no to DaCa

It's very simple.  You just say no to all the amnesty crap and get rid of the problem.  Mark Meadows put it very simply (see quote below) - so simply that even another D could actually understand it, if they were not all losing their minds over this "keep aliens in the country" thing.  It's just plain ridiculous.  I think a lot of D's (leftocreeps) and RINO's have just plain lost their sense of direction on this issue.  They are not thinking clearly, clearly. 

And in NO way should it be attached to another bill.  This is a HUGE (or is that yuuuuge!) issue and needs to have it's very own bill so there are never, ever, and misunderstandings about what this bill was all about.  The last thing American's need is another thing to argue about.

This from Mark Meadows:  " “If you deal with those 600,000 individuals without changing the fundamental reason why they are here and the fact that — we’ll just be dealing with it again,” Meadows said. “You have seen previous administrations, both Democrat and Republican, try to deal with it. And they have never been able to deal with it. Let’s go ahead, once and for all. Let’s do something historic and make sure we address it.”


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