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March 3, 2021 2:15 pm  #1

The economy is strong, thanks to Pres. Trump

Taken from Breitbart newsletter from Tuesday March 2, 2021.   I think I might have put this here once already but if I did, I can't find it and it won't hurt for people to see it again, right?!

I just wish these enmeshed politicians would stop bragging on the vaccines.  Those things are killing more people than they're helping, by far, and yet every politician out there must be on their payroll because they never stop hawking the vaxx's.  It's unconscionable - - just like Mitch McCONnell is unconscionable.  No matter what he says here, he's still a damned RINO.  That might excuse him with some folks, but not with me.  NEVER.

There was no link to this article, so I had to C & P the whole thing.  Not that long to read but interesting facts.


"We've been making the case for weeks now that the economy is much stronger than expected, and as a result, it no longer needs $1.9 trillion of stimulus spending. On Tuesday, this view was officially endorsed by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. The Biden administration's proposal "might have made sense a year ago," McConnell said at a press conference. "This is not a year ago. We're making extraordinary progress with the rollout of the vaccines, the economy is struggling to get back on its feet, and did not ever get as bad as the doomsday projections."McConnell's endorsement of this view is an indication that the Republican leadership understands that the stronger-than-expected economy not only means the $1.9 trillion is unnecessarily large but also that the politics around relief spending are shifting. No one wants to oppose a lifeline for growth in a public health emergency. But there is likely to be widespread public support for opposing the parts of the bill that do not go to fund vaccine distribution, school reopening, and support for out-of-work Americans.One question is whether this opposition will extend to the direct stimulus checks. We've supported these in the past, and they have been very popular. Americans like receiving aid that doesn't need to be filtered through government bureaucracies and political agendas. But as with other parts of the bill, there should be no question that the need for this is diminishing as the economy strengthens.Elsewhere in the nation's Capitol on Friday, Gary Gensler today used his confirmation hearing to signal support for rules requiring companies to disclose the diversity of their workforce and political spending. He also indicated support for tightening the rules around climate risk disclosure. The purpose of these rules is not, of course, to protect investors from companies covering up genuine risk to business operations and profitability. It's to pressure companies to hire politically preferred classes of people, to use more renewable energy and thereby create an artificial demand, and to put a target on companies donating to conservative causes and politicians. In other words, it's to make the woke corporatism we've seen at the upper echelons of U.S. corporations mandatory for all."

– Alex Marlow & John Carney
Breitbart News Network

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