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August 7, 2017 12:09 am  #1

List of stuff you can use to help with diabetes

There are a couple of suggestions for type 1 diabetes, as well, but mostly these refer to type II.

Some good, easy ideas and I think people will need to play with the daily mg's and mcg's and sublingual drops, etc., to suit their own needs.  It will take some experiementing for each person, but it's better than taking handfuls of pills which you have no idea what they will do to your body over time.

I was disappointed they didn't give a mg/mcg amount for the CoQ10.  I cannot use the stuff because it makes my heart pound, but we have a friend who is diabetic and he needs the CoQ10 but we cannot seem to find the right dose.  50 mg daily isn't enough and yet 100 seems to be too much for him.  The ones he is using are gelcaps so it's hard to cut them in half or whatever, but I think 75 mg would be a good place for him to be.  When he has used up the 50 mg pills he has, I will help him look for 75 mg, maybe in a tablet so that if 75 mg gets to be too much, we can break them up and get him close to 50 and work up or something.  It's a real puzzle.

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