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August 6, 2017 11:11 pm  #1

DIY mineral make-up

I've been making my own mineral make-up for several years now because I prefer the powders to any "liquid" type foundations and stuff like that.  I didn't use foundation in high school and I don't intend to use it now.  I never liked the feel of it on my face because it always felt "heavy" on my skin.  In high school, I wore very little make-up (usually just a little blush and some mascara) but if it was for an occasion like prom or something, I would wear lipstick and a little eyeliner, too.  Back then, no one knew or cared what was in make-up and that has led to some problems for women over the past 45+ years.  I was blessed with fairly nice skin but I didn't tan easily (I just burned!) and I had freckles across my upper nose and the bridge of my nose, and on my arms, but they weren't dark so were not very noticeable.  Still, I hated them!  Others seemed to like them.  Now that I'm older some of those freckles have turned into darker, larger freckles which almost look like a mole from a distance.  The ones on my face didn't get larger but some of them are getting darker, so I've been using mineral make-up and love it.  And I do love to make my own stuff so this is a good article to share with others who might want to do the same.

Here's tinted lip balm:

This is a good base recipe, but you can use it to make blush or regular colored face make-up or even the bronzed look face/body make-up.  You'll have to go to amazon and order the mica based tints.

This site tells about the safety of "minerals":


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