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December 22, 2020 3:49 am  #1

Unhinged rant from Nanny Piglosi

I feel sorry for her sometimes because she is so stupid.  "We feed them"???  Who the hell is she talking about?  We, in this case, means you and me and every other taxpayer in America is feeding the USA.  Nanny, who has a freezer full of expensive ice cream wouldn't donate a single penny to help one American citizen - - but she'll help the illegal immingrants because the dimpocraps need the votes of those people.  What will happen after the election chaos is cleared up and those "immigrants" (still illegal, mind you) are still here and they themselves will need to be fed.  Is Nanny going to feed them?

Ha.  My ass she is.

You gotta see this because even Wolf Blitzer cannot believe the arrogance and rampant unhinged ranting from this awful woman who, sadly, is in a position of power in this country if you can believe that.  She's an old, crotchety bag of bones who needs to go home and admire her surgery in the mirror and eat more ice cream because, of course, she can always get more where that came from.  She's rich off the backs of the taxpayers she is now berating.

What a bitch!

We need to end the false covid lockdowns and the entirely false covid theory.  But sadly, even President Trump has bought into this crap hook line and sinker.  Or maybe it just seems that way??  I don't know, he seems pretty entrenched (with the vaxxzines especially).  I don't like that about him but he's still FAR FAR better than a biden administration would ever be.  We'd be constantly bailing out his kids and grandkids from some mess or another.  No thanks.  America can get along without all of that nonsense.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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