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December 6, 2017 9:09 pm  #1

"On Guard" blend

This is unbelievable.  DoTerra essential oils are, in my personal opinion, absolutely NO better than a lot of other essential oils, but boy do they like to charge for their stuff!  They have a product called On Guard that is the exact same thing (same oils, I should say) as any blend of 4 Thieves, and in fact, you can make your own very easily.  I checked online out of curiosity and 2 bottles of that stuff (for a total of 15 ml which ain't very dang much oil) is a little over $80!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is totally unreal.  Who would be so stupid as to buy that ready-made stuff when you can make your own by ordering bottles of each of the 5 essential oils and there's enough oil there to make 40 batches of the junk.  I don't get it.  Besides, I've been making my own 4 thieves oil for a decade or more now and it's a wonderful smelling household cleaner, but I can't say it did a thing for a cold or the flu or anything like that.  I think a lot of this stuff is just in people's heads.  I love essential oils, don't get me wrong, but I'm not going to sell my house and my car just to have them on hand.  It's stupid.

OK, rant over!

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