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December 1, 2020 12:51 am  #1

Buy an older vehicle

They're the best.  Especially older pick ups.  Far better and more "useable" than a car in most cases.  My youngest son has 7 kids so a pick up won't work for his family - - not now anyway, maybe later.  So he drives a really nice used van they just purchased this past summer.  It's like driving a bus - - I HATE that thing!

But my DH and I have an older mid-90's pickup which he used for work until it just got too many miles on it (he puts on thousands of miles in a week sometimes).  But it still runs well, he changes the oil regularly and keeps it up so it's in good running order (he's a former mechanic/body man).  It's nice to have someone who knows about vehicles around!

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