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October 22, 2020 8:23 pm  #1

Health benefits: Pumpkins and winter squash

I love all of these, not terribly fond of butterNUT squash though - - it tastes very "dark" to me.  I prefer butterCUP squash (the ugly green bumpy ones!).  I just baked up some acorn, buttercup and spaghetti squash a couple of days ago and I eat them for lunch with just some butter and seasonings.  Sometimes I like both cinnamon AND salt and pepper on mine at the same time.  It's wonderful.

I usually make my own pumpkin pie filling for my holiday pies, but this year I had to substitute a couple of cans of organic pumpkin from the health food store because I couldn't find a single sugar pie pumpkin to be had in this area.  We had winter way too early.  In fact, it has snowed every night and day this week and it's only Thursday.  Every morning we wake up to a fresh blanket of snow, anywhere from 1 inch to about 2 inches.  If the wind is blowing it's often hard to tell about accumulation amounts locally, and I simply don't believe the "local weather jerks" to tell me anything even close to correct for my area of town.  I have a neighbor about 5 blocks down the street who can have temperature and snowfall differences in HUGE digits (it's because it's so hilly around here and because of where the lakes and streams IN TOWN are located.  All of that plays a role in how much moisture an area will accumulate.

At any rate, bake yourself some squash and have lunch, or get a pie pumpkin ready to go for your holiday baking.  Lots of info at this link:

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