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Fri Oct 16 9:35 am  #1

What is a "virus"? What is "SCIENCE"?? I'm sounding off!!

Most people do not know the first thing about a virus.  They don't understand it (obviously) even after studying it for years.  So how could the American people be so stupid as to believe that everything IS what "science" says it is?  Do they know what "science" is or what it means?


But people are far, far too lazy to do their own VALID homework about this stuff.

Quote from article at link below:

=20px"Months ago, I wrote a number of articles breaking down the false phenomenon called COVID-19. For the most part, the people who are dying are dying of traditional lung conditions (pneumonia, TB, etc.) falsely re-labeled COVID. Pollution is one major cause. A huge number of these people are the elderly, who are already suffering from multiple long-term health conditions, made far worse by years of treatment with toxic drugs."

The people who are sick are locked up in those damned nursing homes, for the most part, and are also missing out on much needed sunshine because they're locked in rooms all day everyday with those "sun shielding" windows.  They also get absolutely zero fresh air because none of those windows even OPEN. I know this for a fact because my gramma and my Mom were both in nursing homes before they died and I'm convinced that being there is WHY they died.  It's ludicrous and mind-boggling to me that people even live as long as they do under conditions like that. 

And the lack of "sunshine/vitamin D" & lack of fresh air are just two of the things that're wrong with the whole corona "virus" scenario. The lack of those two things is what's wrong with most people and it's why they are ill, not to mention the lack of good, decent, fresh food.  "PREPARED, PRE-PACKAGED foods are not my idea of what an ill, elderly person should be eating.  Fresh bone broths and some good meats, butter, real milk, fresh veggies - - THAT'S what those people really need, but will never get if our gubmint idiots keep making the rules.  Believe me, the rules get dumber and dumber every year, more strict and most costly, but less for the "patients".  WHAT the hell kind of "CARE" is that???

I'm thoroughy convinced the people of the USA don't WANT to know the truth, that way they'd have to learn to take care of themselves because they'd quickly learn the medical industry is NOT INTERESTED in helping anyone unless they make a billion bucks on everything.  Our medical system is in the toilet.  They took a wrong turn about 100 years ago and it's never been the same since.  It's not about health CARE.  It's about PROFIT and nothing more.  Then when the drug companies took up with the medical stooges, they had a real bonanza going, didn't they?  Sure did.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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