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October 9, 2020 2:41 am  #1

How EVH changed music forever

Eddie Van Halen died of oral cancer on October 6, 2020 - - my husband's 65th birthday, no less.  Eddie was also 65. He wrote some great stuff in his time, and his life story is actually very interesting.  An immigrant with his family at age 6 (I think?), married to Valerie Bertinelli for 26 years, one son Wolfgang (with Valerie), a close relationship with his brother, Alex, and his father (also in music).

He was supremely gifted in music.  I must say, JUMP was one of my all-time favorite songs and even though I'm an old bag now, I still love it.

I had it on 8 track, then I had it on cassette tape, then I had it on a CD (still have them all !) and every once in a while I still listen to it on my computer.  Great stuff, and he had many more unforgettable songs, too.  This is a great article about his life and music.

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