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September 21, 2020 8:47 pm  #1

Helpful hint

This isn't just for dogs anymore!  Now it will help humans, as well.  Especially those who live in heavily wooded areas like where I live.  Ticks are very hardy, they can live well past the first frost and many other hard frosts, believe it or not.  If they find the right "hiding place" they can live a long time.Helpful Hint…Next time you’re outside doing yard work, taking a walk (no matter how short), or hiking, take along a sticky tape lint roller and periodically roll it across your skin and clothes. Any ticks that have landed on you will be picked up.

Tip is from this month's Farmers Almanac.  Pick one up at the nearest store or drugstore (in my case, it's the local drugstore - - they sell EVERYTHING!).

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