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August 9, 2020 3:37 pm  #1

These are NOT good food ideas

The first link is about beef labeling and production. The second is about the raising of decent, edible, non-poisonous chicken.

Foraging chickens - that's the kind I grew up on because that's exactly how my gramma raised them.  She did give them some table scraps from time to time (just to get rid of the scraps more than anything) but not very often.  She didn't have a forest or anything, but she had a large grove of trees (the shelter belt) and there was also a HUGE chokecherry bush grove right beside the chicken coop.  They had some REAL interesting poop depending on what time of the year it was!  Of course they ate table scraps always in the winter because there wasn't much else, but usually they were all butchered by then.  That's why gramma raised the chickens.  She didn't raise them as pets or just to look at!

Great reading here:

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