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August 10, 2020 4:27 am  #1

Aurora "organic" milk plans?? Ha!!

This is the "future" plan for ORGANIC MILK????  Are they out of their ever-lovin' minds??

Aurora Dairy Plans to Open Factory Housing 7,000 “Organic” Heifers
This image of Aurora Dairy in Stratford, Texas, from Cornucopia’s Flyover Galleries, vividly shows how Aurora “pastures” their dairy cows. How will their heifer factory in Colorado’s High Plains be different?

As consumers call for improved animal welfare, stewardship of the soil, and conservation of dwindling water supplies, Aurora Organic Dairy is preparing to open a heifer factory on 1,900 acres in the dry High Plains of Colorado. The feedlot will house 7,000 “organic” heifers when fully operational. If Phillips County approves the proposal on August 19, Aurora’s planned heifer facility will be an industrial cow factory that ignores the intent of the organic law and requires an enormous amount of water in an arid region.

“Aurora’s new feedlot will have impacts on sensitive aquifers and other groundwater,” says The Cornucopia Institute’s director of domestic policy, Marie Burcham, JD. “The harming of the environment and local communities is the antithesis of what the organic label represents.”

Cornucopia has exposed the most notorious industrial “organic” dairies and their practices over the last 15 years. These actions include several legal complaints about Aurora Dairy, accusing the industrial operation of violating organic regulations that require grazing and prohibit the cycling of conventional livestock in and out of the organic program.

Aurora’s enormous factory farms in Colorado and Texas have remained certified despite successive complaints and evidence of repeated wrongdoing. Authentic organic dairy farmers, who raise calves born on-farm to replace or grow their milking herd and offer legitimate grazing pastures, continue to suffer on an unlevel playing field.

Watch for our action alert in the near future.


I can't provide a link because there wasn't one, but you can go to to look up the information from their July or August newsletter.  I will keep you updated as much as possible.

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