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August 7, 2020 7:36 am  #1

Holland rejects masks

I have a cousin who has lived in Amsterdam, Netherlands, for almost 35 years and boy is he glad he does.  Especially now!   He thinks Americans have lost their friggin' minds (his words, not mine, but I do have to agree with him - we've gone 'round the bend). 

He's a professional orchestral musician (he plays like 12 different instruments - very talented guy) so they travel about the country quite a bit, but they rarely go outside of a given area (for many reasons) but he says Sweden and The Netherlands (Holland) are the only places with a population who was not all that ill to begin with, and what they did have for illness is now winding down quickly because of the level headed actions taken by the gubmint officials.  In Rotterdam and Amsterdam, however, they do have to wear a mask when taking public transport ilke buses and taxi's (where the people are pretty well crammed together into a small space)  but people seem to understand that and take it in stride.  The minute they're off the buses, etc., though - - off comes the mask!!

His Dad (my Uncle) lives in Canada and he says it's just as crazy in Canada as it is here in the USA.  My Uncle was just 89 in July of this year and he still drives, so he takes his car out into the country a couple of nights every week just to get away from it all and enjoy nature and the beauty that is Canada.  I hope it stays beautiful but I would not count on Trudeau for anything anymore.  He's a crackpot and a weirdo.

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