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Mon Jul 6 11:27 am  #1

CDC Guidelines are NOT regulations or laws (yet)

Fauci basically announced ALL OF THIS STUFF back in 2017 (there's a clip from youtube floating around the internet) so he's known this for a long time.  I'm surprised he could keep from pissing in his pants every time he went on the stage to talk because he didn't dare spill the beans ahead of time.  He must be so excited about all of this.  But, of course, none of these mandated things include anyone from the science, medical or elite (READ: rich) sectors of the world. I'd take bets on that.

"These official 2017 CDC guidelines, which lack any scientific integrity, are the exact policies being followed today: Social distancing, face masks, closing of schools, restrictions on gatherings and business activities. This is the full text of this document.

** Note that “guidelines” are pointedly not called regulations and have zero force of law behind them. Anybody can create guidelines but only legislatures can create law. Conversely, legislatures never create guidelines. Agencies of government create regulations based on law. ⁃ TN Editor"

Keep reading at the link I posted above.

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