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July 4, 2020 4:55 am  #1

Fight the virus - stay drunk!

Sounds like a plan, doesn't it?  Yesssiirrreee, nothing kills germs like booze.  I use Everclear (which I put into a small spray bottle) on my hands after I've been in a public place, always have since waaaaaaay before any virus scare.  Then when I get home I wash well with soap.  I used to run a day care facility to keeping my hands cleaner than clean was essential.

Here's a great summery recipe to start with:

I don't drink tequila so I would substitute it with vodka, gin or even a nice Reisling wine.  Forget all the work they talk about in the recipe above, however.  Just put the booze in a tall glass, toss in some small chunks of watermelon, toss in a couple of strawberries or blackberries and muddle them in the bottom of the glass.  Done!  Forget getting a blender dirty and all that extra work.  Many combinations could be dreamed up here, just put on your thinking cap.

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