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Fri Jul 3 2:20 pm  #1

This whole article is a lie

It's already been PROVEN by many, many medical people (with lists of degrees if that matters to you) that facemasks do more harm than good, and yet we have idiot doctors running around the country telling people to wear masks and to "social distance" (another farcical idea if ever I heard one). 

There WAS no spike in "numbers" and yet every stupid doctor from here to eternity is talking about how we're having a spike in numbers and we're already starting the supposed 2nd wave (also no such thing and there won't be a 3rd or 4th wave either, no matter what the TV tells you). 

C'mon people.  Let's start using our heads here instead of constantly ingesting the lies from the medical media morons.

This entire article is just completely absurd.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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