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Fri Jul 3 9:31 am  #1

Vaccine safety debate?

What debate?  Vaccines are not safe.  EVER.  They never were safe, and these now being promoted by Gates et al are even less safe.  We have NO IDEA what's in the vaccines and believe me it's not just designed to "help" us.  There are likely microchips in there and God only knows what else.

It's going to take a good dose of GOD to get us out of this mess, so ya'll better start praying heartily and often.

There aren't two sides.  There's only the safety side and the way to be safe is not to take a vaccine at all.  NEVER EVER EVER.  You can opt out.  I posted the info at another part of this forum earlier today.  But here's the information again in case you missed it the first time around (I also posted information about denying a vaccine earlier this year - you'd have to do a search for it though).

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