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July 1, 2020 1:30 am  #1

20 BIG batch cocktail recipes

We are entertaining a whole bunch of family members here in late July or early August, so I've been on the hunt for some great drink recipes, both non-alcoholic and some with alcohol (of course!). 

This page has 20 great sounding ideas and there are many more to choose from (topics that is) at the bottom of the page.  The Raspberry Tequila Sangria sounds WONDERFUL to me.

I will be posting a couple more links to drinks, also.  I hope I saved them to my favorites or I'll never find them again.

*** I just HAD to post the recipe below because it's always been one of my favorite drinks, winter or summer because I LOVE LOVE LOVE dark beer - - the darker the better, so porter works just great and vanilla porter is even better!

All about porter:

*** The drink below is one of my all time favorite drinks, at least it was years ago.  I haven't had it now for ages but I might just make up a big batch of it for our summer get-together coming up soon. Simple and delicious.  The hardest part is locating the ORGANIC VODKA.  This is definitely a SUMMER DRINK.

** In the line-up below, the beergarita is most definitely a favorite around our neighborhood.  We are always sure to include this in our summer block party list of favorites.

AND this one is a simply wonderful summery drink, easy and fast to make:

The drink below is definitely NOT just for Christmas.  My DH doesn't even like pineapple but he loves this drink - but just a little of it goes a long way with him. 


ANNNNNND - - to end it all for now, here are some Christmas Cocktails sure to please anyone on your list of guests.  So much to pick from, so little time . . . hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I'll probably be back with a few more recipes if I locate some good ones later on. 

** If you need to avoid any of the ingredients in some of these drinks, that's on you pal, not me.  For instance, I cannot have grapefruit juice so I must be careful in choosing recipes for drinks.  I often just replace the grapefruit with another type of juice and it usually turns out well, altho not quite like the original recipe, but what are you gonna do?  Stay away from anything you know you aren't supposed to have.

These are only ideas, not direct orders to drink them !!!
Enjoy with responsibility.

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