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June 25, 2020 5:26 am  #1

Depression Era Recipes and other depression era stuff

We may need some of these - - soon.

I doubt very much that cheese was in plentiful supply during the dirty 30's unless you lived on a dairy farm and made your own cheese which would still be QUITE different from velveeta, however, so some of these must have been adapted for "today's world tastes".  Some of them just don't seem to fit with the lack of money most people experienced at that time in history, not to MENTION the lack of goods available.  Oh well, some good ideas anyway.   Some of them actually even say they just made up these recipes recently.  How can THAT equate to the dirty 30's???  Can't believe anything anymore, I guess.

A few links for you to check out.

My Dad used to talk about Red Flannel Hash and Fruit soup and he LOVED currant bread or cake or pie (especially pie!) or currant anything!  They grew wild (as did plums, chokecherries, gooseberries and wild grapes) on my grandparents' farm. Those and a few more of his old-time favorites are mentioned at the link above.

This is a GREAT site and has lots of ideas for all kinds of dishes.  Some ot them sound VERY familiar!  (heck, we still make the cheesey beef goulash.  Don't remember where I learned about it though).  (Some of these are repeat recipes from other sites I've posted here, but some of the recipes are not repeats and there's 2 pages to look at).  (Some repeats here, too, but a few I'd never even heard of before!).

*** Here are some other things I thought might be of interest.  Life lessons, and so on.  Great reading.

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