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June 25, 2020 2:49 am  #1

One side benefit of the "virus"?!!

One thing that is happening all over America? 

People are discovering they can actually, really and truly get by using less toilet paper on each bathroom trip!  We were having a conversation about this at my ladies' quilting club yesterday and it's the truth.  People are using less and clogging up the city plumbing a LOT LESS than they were before.  It's amazing.  It'll start happening with other things, as well, like using up leftover foods instead of throwing them away, etc., finding more economical cuts of meat, using up soup bones to make broth (to can for later in the year when it's not soooo dang hot).

Just pretend you're living during the depression years.  I have a cookbook called Depression Year Recipes and it's got a lot of great ideas in it.  However, back then many people raised their own chickens (for the eggs and the meat) and so a lot of those recipes call for eggs.  In some areas of the country eggs are still plentiful, and if you have your own backyard birds you probably have many eggs, maybe you even sell them.  We usually buy them from a lady who lives just outside out town (who delivers because she has sooooooooooo many customers), but they are on vacation right now so whoever is watching after her flock is not delivering.  Dern it.  Gotta make a trip out there over the weekend I guess. 

Truthfully, however, I wish the whole corona crap nonsense was over.  People are being lied to about this thing and it's time to stop it now.

But the toilet paper scenario cracked us up the other day. 

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